egj är ett initialt namn. En ställföreträdare.

Nedan diverse publikationer. Tack.

Don't Hold Your Breath, Versal, No 12, Summer 2017.

Airport, night, Structo, No 16, Autumn/Winter 2016.

What it is Like in Words, Fish Anthology 2013, Fish Publishing, July 2013.

Hair of the Dog, Fractured West, No 1, July 2010.

Just looking, Mslexia (under New Writing: Idols, selected by Patience Agbabi), No 43, Oct/Nov/Dec 2009.

Sic, Glasgow Student Short Story Prize (judged by A.L. Kennedy), anthology, CompletelyNovel, August 2009.

the crowning, Brown Williams Journal, No 1, 2009.

wallace    monument, Brand, No 4, March/April 2009, ISSN 1754-0593.

Last Meal, Packingtown Review, No 1, Inaugural issue, Spring 2009.

Rose Spring Cluster Chords,, No 20, Winter/Spring 2009 (not available).

A Christmas Miracle, Litro, Christmas special, 2008.

UFO, Corvaceous (former webzine of Two Ravens Press), Winter 2008 (not available).

soundscapes, Brittle Star, No 21, November 2008, ISSN 1467-62301-19.

A Christmas Miracle, Let’s Pretend: 37 stories about (in)fidelity, anthology, Freight, 2008, ISBN 978-0-954-40244-0.

Conference paper. Acting Out the Theatre of Gender as Grotesquerie: Iain Banks’s The Wasp Factory and John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In. Globalgothic: Technology, Media, Horror. Postgraduate symposium. University of Stirling, 5-6 December 2008.

Ribcaged, The Clockwise Cat, No 8, March 2008.

Not to breathe..., The Recusant, 2008.

again, From Glasgow to Saturn, No 7, January 2008.

In Tongues, From Glasgow to Saturn, No 6, December 2007.

Panta Rei; Painted Windows; Migraine, Migraine Aura Foundation, March 2007 (originally published 2003).

Excerpts from blog and three images, Migraine Aura Foundation, March 2007 (originally published 2003).

Where I’m From, The Turnip, September 2006 (not available).

Waterhood, Bard, No 40, 2005.

These texts were not meant to bleed, Bard, No 26, 2004.

Goddess of Solitude, a collaboration with visual artist Laura Pelick, 2004.

1 scanned text in Impromptu, No 3, Fall 2003 (not available).

2 scanned texts in Impromptu, No 2, Spring 2003 (not available).

Söndrad söndag, diktsamling, Författares bokmaskin, 2003.

Syra, Syster, e-bok,, 2001 (ej tillgänglig).

5 poems, Rainsoul, 2002 (not available).

grässcherzon, Ponton, Nr 2, 2000.

Dikter och ledare, Serum, Nr 4, 1999.

Hjärtat, Välj mig - jag är ett bra parti, antologi, Bonnier Carlsen, 1999.

Journalisten och poetissan, Vad glor du på?, antologi, ABF Malmö, 1999.

3 dikter, Ponton, Nr 3, 1998.

Från 1999 och framåt: diverse framträdanden och uppläsningar, från ABF-tält på Malmöfestivalen till Poeternas estrad i Lund, sommarkvällar i Ystad med Malmö Stadsbibliotek, Tchai Ovna, Aye Write! och Women’s Library i Glasgow.

At some point, it starts to disintegrate. And you find yourself unable to gauge questions about authorship/authenticity. You find yourself becoming difficult. Again.

Below an incomplete list of publications. Thanks.