Often quirky, always queer, Elna Holst is an unapologetic genre bender who writes anything from lesbian lust and love stories to the odd existentialist horror piece.

Published in a plethora of short fiction anthologies, her seasonal novelette series A Tinsel and Spruce Needles Romance saw its first installment go live in 2017, her stranded-on-a-desert-island novella In the Palm was released in 2019, and her full-length wlw Austen continuation Lucas came out in April 2020.

Name: Elna Holst

Genres: Historical, Retellings, Paranormal, Erotica, Romance

Published since: 2015


Elna has been making things up since before she could properly write, attended a Creative Writing programme at one of the UK's oldest universities, and worked as anything and everything from postman to nursing assistant to translator and back again. It wasn't until she discovered the world of diverse erotica and lgbt+-centered fiction, however, that she found her calling as an author of slippery sweet and unexpected stories for the sapphically inclined.

Green Love

Into the Mystic, Vol. 2, 2017

Her first longer story, Green Love, was included in NineStar Press's Into the Mystic anthology series of lesbian/bisexual paranormal tales and became the start of a wonderful relationship with a publishing house to suit her queer and quirky needs.

Two Women Having Sex

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Vol. 1, 2016

Her playful short 'Two Women Having Sex' was included in Cleis Press's award-winning anthology series, and mentioned in Library Journal as a story where "an omniscient narrator plays an unconventionally interactive role". The anthology edited by D.L. King went on to receive recognition from both the Golden Crown Literary Awards and the Ippys.

Keeping Time

New Urge Reader 2, 2015

Her first FF erotic short story was published in The New Urge Reader 2 from New Urge Editions in 2015.


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